Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Wonderful World of Disney

Coralled along ropes
In the kingdom of hopes,
We shuffle and sweat
‘Neath the blue blanket sky,
And the businessmen sing
As the registers ring
And they count all the plums
In the Florida pie.

The queues wind around
O’er the pink concrete ground
And we’re ushered and prodded
With throats black and dry.
And the drovers are types
Who wear badges and stripes
And disposable smiles
As they wave us on by.

The colours leap out
With a bold, brassy shout.
Like skeet and flamingoes
To heaven they fly
And the poor wilting kids
Raise dispassionate lids,
As their parents mop brows
With a wearisome sigh.

And wheelchairs are pushed
By men wrinkled and crushed –
Sick sons who are feeble
And waiting to die.
Last moments of joy
For the poor, tragic boy
Whose face shows no trace
That his dreamworld is nigh.

There’s no lasting joy here
In this world of great cheer,
Just suspension of life
In one fabulous high.
But down we must come
‘Neath reality’s thumb
When the cases are packed
And we’re waving goodbye.

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