Thursday, August 2, 2007

Solar Staring

Don’t stare at the sun, they tell us,
You will go blind.
Medically speaking, the light is so bright
That the retina behind
Will be burnt, so I learnt.
This law is well-defined,
But begs the question, infers the suggestion
That we are taking instructions
From a blind mind.
This law, you see, is unsigned.
Was a man in Kurdistan years ago so inclined
To sun-staring that he went blind?
And was this assigned to his solar observations?
Parents are asked to remind
Their kids to bat their lids,
To glance askance.
This law is enshrined and not confined
To humankind.
Animals too, if you visit the zoo,
You will find have the sun non-aligned
With their vision, a subconscious decision.
However, Narcissus,
As he by the waters reclined, and pined,
Stared not at the sun but at his reflection
Without interjection.
And hour by hour turned into a flower
Much-maligned. So the rule thus outlined
Might apply to the sun or to all things or none
Or to two things combined.
I asked a learnéd don would he comment upon
This thesis, but he declined.

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