Thursday, August 2, 2007

A Gull at Twilight

A solit’ry gull ‘gainst the red of the sky,
Floating above the calm sea,
Still searching for fish though the darkness is nigh
And the light is preparing to flee.

His wings never move as he arcs o’er the bay,
With minimal effort he soars,
Then suddenly drops wih a splash in the grey
As the waves aspirate their applause.

And then he flies off to his treacherous ledge,
With the swell sishersashing below.
And sits and looks out to the earth’s distant edge
Now bathed in a tangerine glow.

I marvel at just how unflustered he seems
Though existence is one constant fight.
Oh how I despair when my faraway dreams
Disappear at the touch of the night.

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