Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mirror Image

Mirror image on a shaded lake,
Broken by a most ambiv’lent drake,
A duck and seven ducklings in his wake.

Morning webs ‘cross glist’ning rushes spun
Ensnare the pirhouetting flies, undone
Through bathing in the warm September sun.

Willow mourning by the water’s side,
Rooted in calamity and pride,
Resolutely pining for his bride.

Mirror image on a shaded lake.
Would it be a terrible mistake
To plunge with effervescent heart and break

The spell created by the living sheen?
To swim down to the treetops through the screen
Of navy bushes topped by verdant green.

A world devoid of gravity and strain,
Untroubled by the vagaries of rain.
No fingerprints upon the rounded pane.

To dream perchance and never more to wake.
The ancient limestone mountains start to flake.
Mirror image on a shaded lake.

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