Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This morning shone the sun again

This morning shone the sun again.
For three days we had plodded round
The dreary house and peered outside,
Tut-tutting at the teeming rain.
For three days we had fought and frowned
And I had yelled and she had cried.
This morning life began afresh.
I padded to the cherry tree,
Once thick with bulbous pregnant fruit,
But lo! the stalks hung destitute,
As hov’ring wasps buzzed round with glee
And gorged upon the juicy flesh.
Now nothing grows in Babylon.
I called to her but she was gone.


Doctor FTSE said...

This is very good! Does it need a comma between "morning" and "life"? And I'm not sure about the allusion to Babylon, but that's probably my ignorance. Personally, I don't like the centre-justified text, but I see it's gradually taking over!

Strange how the very best (the REAL) poems posted in Blogland attract very little comment while the groundmass of self-regarding, self-pitying, breast-beating psychobabble gets dozens of uncritical accolades.

Peter Goulding said...

Hi Doctor, Many thanks for dropping by and I'm flattered by the response. Yrs, a comma is probably required where you intimated - I'm normally a stickler for punctuation!
I think a lot of people shy away from more serious poetry because its just too difficult - I can think of a number of serious poets in Ireland whom I just won't read. But the thing about the web is that everyone can have a go and if people are encouraged to have a go, I can only see it as a good thing (though it does make the true jewels harder to find!!)