Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cherish me

I’m the man at the front who stays standing
When the rest of the church has sat down.

I’m the child singled out in the gym hall
When she can’t touch her toes with straight legs.

I’m the old man who lurches and stumbles
When the driver swerves into the bus stop.

I’m the woman in town unaware of
The red strain on the back of her trousers.

I’m the driver who visits a new town
And finds himself stuck in the wrong lane,
Or stalls at a short-changing traffic light,
Or drives in the dark with no lights on.

I’m the interviewee with a bogey
Stuck to the base of his nostril.

I’m the principled parent who finally
Buys a toy gun for the young lad.

I’m the straight-laced managing director
Who is bursting to go to the toilet.

I’m the self-proclaimed saviour of mankind
Who is nailed to a cross at Golgotha.

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