Saturday, August 2, 2008

The swimming pool

Am I resentful that we stayed around the swimming pool
While the others had a ball upon the beach?
You said you much preferred it at the swimming pool –
Chacun á son goût – yes, each to each.

I said that I’d stay with you at the swimming pool
Although my feet were itching for the strand
I’d really no desire for the swimming pool,
Chlorine-laced, unint’resting and bland.

Love revolves ‘round making compromises,
Sacrificing personal desire.
But don’t be quick to hand out any prizes –
The blackberry lies sweet among the briar.

If I’d have turned my nose up at the swimming pool,
Headed for the beach with all the rest,
Would my guilt have strayed toward the swimming pool?
How was love in such a way expressed?

But, ask, am I that resentful of the swimming pool?
Were there compromises on your part?
Chacun á son goût – the beach or swimming pool?
Neither of us selfless in our heart.

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